LDCC South Tacoma Clinic
The LDCC South Tacoma Clinic is located inside the Donald G. Topping HOPE Center.  This 6 chair clinic is the newest of our four clinics.  

Note: There is construction in front of, and to the East of the HOPE Center.  If you see the construction you are in the correct location drive through the construction and the building will be in front of you.
Clinic Location
South Tacoma Clinic
3875 S 66th St
Tacoma, WA 98409

Service via Pierce Transit
The Pierce Transit bus system has routes which provide services near our clinics.  For your convenience routes near to the South Tacoma clinic and other bus information are provided.
Use the PT Trip Planner to obtain direction.
Near by transfer station: Tacoma Mall
Routes near by include:53.
Please note effective October 2, 2011, Pierce Transit will be eliminating route 59.
Directions from bus stop to LDCC (1 block):
  • The bus stops on 66th in front of the Topping Hope Center.
  • LDCC is located inside of the Hope Center
  • Head North on the driveway to the Hope Center, we are inside to the right.
Real-time information about the stop closest to the clinic is available online (click below), via SMS or telephone.
  • 53 East bound text "onebus 3619" to 41411 
  • Call 206-456-0609
  • press "1" to enter stop number
  • Enter number provided above followed by # sign
  • Listen to real-time arrival information.

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